The year is 2098, the Zibs and Zabs are playing a game of Zeb on the Planet Zob. It is a fierce match and everyone watches intently as the Zib and Zab contestants compete to score points. The commentator scratches a piezo and hits a metal drum to kick off the game and define rounds. As a goal is scored, the umpire sends a ball down a slope of musical sticks and as the ball hits a bucket, this signals to the crowd that a point has been awarded. Once the commentator declares a winner, the umpire pops a balloon and the loser drops some flowers in a bucket.

Responding to the brief “Do it like John Cage”, Score was a performance piece built around the idea of literally “playing” with electronic circuits.

The sounds in the match were made with basic circuits, using conductive fabric, Velostat and other conductive materials. The pitch and volume of the sounds changed based on the resistance in the circuit. Non-electronic sounds such as feet stomping and balloon popping were added to intensify the atmosphere of the match in the performance.