This project is shaped around the idea of using a bike and changing it into a sound system – making a performance named “Psyclists”.

Inspired by different mechanics in a bike, the resulting composition was created through a combination of analogue and electronic sounds. The electronic sounds were generated through a multitude of sensors, variable resistor circuits and custom speakers.

A photo-resistor was mounted on a rotating rig facing the bike’s back light. Rotating the rig would effectively modulate the pitch of the sound. In addition, changing the blink frequency of the light would also affect the resulting output. Another sound source was a circuit that would cyclically open and close with the rotation of the bike-wheel spokes. A conductive tape attached on one of the spoke would complete the circuit every-time it contacted two ends of a circuit. The other wheel had a physical card attached to its spoke creating an analogue sound. The performance started with the team interacting with the bike and the next half of it was only the bike being controlled by different lights without being touched.