Sublimiloop is a system consisting of two networked computers trapped in a telecommunication loop, which can only be broken by empathic or sadistic human interaction.

The server (computer running Processing) takes on the role of The Broadcaster and the client (computer running P5) is The Watcher. The Broadcaster starts by displaying a random color on its screen. The Watcher detects this color through its camera and responds with a numerical value, which in turn triggers The Broadcaster to display another color and play the corresponding sound. The sound makes The Watcher’s eye grow wider and it responds to the new color with another numerical value, and the loop goes on.

This loop can be broken in two ways by a human interacting with the system. One can either take the side of The Watcher and save it from the constant stream of media by covering its camera with their hand or shutting its lid. Or, they can take the side of the Broadcaster and press a key on its keyboard to unleash a new stream of subliminal images on The Watcher.

This project was a collaboration between two students with differing programming skill-levels and was produced after three days of introduction to programming using P5 and Processing.