Sonic Banter

Sonic Banter is a conversation between a human being and two computers through audio-visual feedback.

When a user sings or plays music into the microphone of the input computer, the sounds are recorded and the pitch and volume are detected. This is translated to numerical data, which is then sent to an output computer using Open Sound Control (OSC). In the output computer, sine waves are generated based on the data and the data is converted to MIDI and mapped to sound effects using Ableton Live. These sounds are played through the speakers of the output computer.

As the input and output computers are placed in the same room, this creates an audio feedback loop. To illustrate this interaction, p5.js was used to create graphics that change based on the sounds in the room. Different combinations of pitch and volume would generate different objects on the screen, allowing the user and two computers to be co-composers of an audio-visual composition.