World CO2 Emissions

This project tries to bring a new perspective when we think about the CO2 emissions from different countries. Usually when we think about this, countries like China, US come to our minds as the usual leaders in these emissions. However, through the data that was collected from the World Bank an interesting insight emerged. It was evident that when the total emissions were considered, these big countries were in fact the leaders, primarily because of the large population of people inhabiting, but as soon as the data for emissions was switched to Per Capita, other countries in the middle east as well as tiny islands along the coast of US were found to be the leaders.

In this data visualisation project, the total and per capita emissions of CO2 from countries around the world have been visualised using D3. The animated circles represent the emissions from the countries and emphasise the dynamic nature of this data, showing how it keeps growing and spreading between nations. The size of the circle as well as the color of the rings determine the severity of the emissions from the different countries. The two buttons on the top allow for switching the perspective of visualising the data, either through the lens of “total emissions” or through “per capita emissions”.

The project can be viewed in action here: World CO2 visualised.