Deforestation & Reforestation Rates

This data visualisation is a correlation of deforestation and reforestation rates and national income level based on 25 years of data from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation. It highlights the relationship between a country’s economic growth and the likelihood of deforestation or reforestation; while poorer countries are more likely to deforest aggressively, richer countries are much more likely to be implementing a policy of reforestation. Another layer to this data set is a country’s overall forest coverage. Richer countries tend to have a much smaller forest area coverage, possibly due to deforestation activities earlier in their histories.

Link to the live data visualisation

Our brief was to visualise UN data on global forests using D3 as our tool. We began with an analysis of the data and to understand the story behind it. We sketched some initial visualisation with pen and paper, before moving to code in D3.