Teenage Playground

Teenage playground is an experiential festival that aims to sense, elevate and curate the emotional response to the music and the environment using GSR sensing technology.
The experience begins with the teenager receiving GSR sunglasses that have the sensors embedded in the temples and a mood highlighting band for signal and support. Once on, the glasses sense the teenager’s current emotional profile through skin conductance and the band highlights the mood. This helps the teens to identify with people with a similar mood just with a glance at the band. As they walk in, their current mood profile is mirrored through light simulations which also act as a data entry point for the festival organizers. At the stages, a constant feedback about the prevalent mood in the crowd alters the music and the ambient lighting for a musical experience built by the audience’s collective mood profiles.
After the festival is over, the experience is further solidified when the teenager can anytime relive his emotional graph at the festival through the sets played on their mobile app.