Stress Response Training

In high-pressure situations, people’s emotions sometimes influence the way they react. The Stress Response Training (SRT) is a service designed to help people manage their behaviour in stressful circumstances.

During each training session, stressful situations are simulated in a closed environment. The user is issued a device that alerts them when stress levels are high. With the help of this device, a trainer coaches the user in managing emotions and responding appropriately. The device contains a galvanic skin response (GSR) sensor which tracks changes in a person’s stress levels. Users can continue monitoring their emotions beyond the training environment and gradually become competent at handling such situations in real life.

Using a puppet theatre performance, a short play was enacted to express the journey of a fictional character who uses this service to prepare for a high-stakes negotiation. This format of low-fidelity storytelling was chosen to encourage the audience to focus on the story and journey of the character rather than the visual expression of emotions.