SeRel – Self-Regulated Mobile Radiotherapy

Based on current trends, it is approximated that 19 million people will be affected by cancer by 2024. Radiotherapy and radiation are one of the premier forms of treatment used for controlling and killing cancer cells. However, this treatment requires the patient to be taken to hospital and to be isolated while undergoing it.

SeRel is a self regulated, mobile radiotherapy solution that provides radiation based therapy on the go. Controlled amount of radiation is delivered through SeRel’s self-adhesive patch placed directly above the tumour cells. With this patch, the patient is able to receive treatment with minimal disruption to their everyday life.

SeRel’s emergency services

Radiotherapy does not come without its risks, and it can take its toll on the body. To give the patient’s loved ones peace of mind, the self-adhesive patch comes with a monitoring system which will measure key indicators of the patient’s health status. In the event of an emergency, it will set off an alarm to local participating health services. Emergency service providers will be notified of the patient’s location, health records and previous medical history to facilitate swift and effective treatment.

 The patient’s loved ones will also be notified through a discreet wearable ring, which will vibrate if the patient is in distress. Embedded in the ring is a projector, which will give the location of the emergency room the patient is being taken to.