Citizen ER

Citizen ER is a speculative system in which artificially intelligent doctors are trained by retired ER doctors. The system was designed to address the current pain points in a patient’s journey through the ER and to explore the introduction of AI into the public health space. Citizen Science and Machine Morality were some of the topics we explored during the concept phase of this project.
In Citizen ER, a retired doctor creates an online profile for participation in which he/she can provide their own areas of expertise as well as their medical interests. The retired doctor then selects an ER case of interest and then digitally follows the patient along their journey in real time as the patient’s health data and location are being tracked. Throughout the process they can comment and make recommendations on the AI doctor’s diagnosis which the AI doctor can choose to follow. After the results of the diagnosis and treatment come through, the retired doctor is able to compare their assessments with that of the AI doctor as well as other participants working on the case. The assessments made by the retired doctors are then aggregated and this data is used to form a large database that the AI doctors can utilize in making future diagnoses.