Physical play is an essential part of most childhoods and yet the older one gets – the less this is emphasised. To address the question “How might we entice adults to engage in physical play, in a public space?”, we took a local playground, some games and created our own ‘playstorm’ about how we might develop this experience from a space for little people to one for big people.

We took a set of boules and began to roll the balls along the benches, considering about how we could apply technology to enhance the experience. We documented the motion and interaction, taking this data back to the lab to continue playing in digital environments; extending the qualities of the ball in terms of aesthetics and response.

In order to assign new behaviours to the ball we created a virtual 3D environment of the park, in Unity, experienced through the HTC Vive.  We provided valuable feedback to the user by translating data from a mobile phone inside the ball, allowing us to track motion and display this information via Processing.