Think back on the last time you had to wait in line. You were in a fine mood at the start but at minute 15 you started to internally yell at the customer in front of you, “What has it been 5 years since you shaved your damn neck hair.” The man in front of you did nothing to you but for some reason you were filled with rage.

Lines seem to be inherently hated but why is standing in line anxiety inducing as opposed to meditative. With Holocubes standing in line becomes a place to share and explore elevating the line standing experience.

Imagine a world 5 – 10 years out when augmented reality has become common place. You step into line and discover these physical cubes which have been embedded with content. You can pick up different cubes and see the content left behind. If you are enjoying the content, you can decide to take it with you, leaving the cube empty. You then must decide what you want to leave behind.

Holocubes wants to recreate the experience you might have at a cabin hidden away in the woods. The cabin is a magical place where tenants past and present share belongings, lets make lines feel the same way.

How it Works

Holocubes was developed using a simple openFrameworks library called ofxAruco.

Custom Holograms were developed in Unity and uploaded onto the Hololens.