Birds Nest

During this one week course, we explored how spatial design, sensory embodiment and blended realities can play a role in creating immersive experiences. We were tasked with identifying an existing social space and creating a design intervention that draws on one or more of these aspects and demonstrate a slice of an immersive experience.

The problem space
We chose the area around Kvæsthusbroen in Copenhagen for our design intervention. It is an open and mostly unstructured public space, where people can sit and spend time with friends. We observed that people tend to sit on the stairs towards the water, and don’t interact much with strangers. We wanted to explore how we could create a sense of collaboration and interaction between these strangers without forcing people into it.

The Birds Nest
Our design intervention is a spatial installation that responds to how many people are sitting around Kvæsthusbroen and for how long. A large inflated balloon in the shape of an egg is installed over the water, and responds to smaller balloons scattered around the seating area. The smaller balloons warm up with light the more people sit around them, and incubate the large “egg” over the water. The longer that people sit in the area, the more the “egg” starts to crack until a bird emerges and flies away, while the smaller balloons as released into the sky.