Pocket Change

Pocket Change is a funding app that lets donors know exactly what impact their donation creates by matching their contribution amount to recipient project milestones in a transparent and resource efficient way.

After inputting the amount you want to donate, Pocket Change matches and transfers your funds directly to a project in need of those specific funds to accomplish tangible milestones. Upon completion of this transfer, you can view information about the donation recipient and the milestones funded by your donation. In the home panel you can keep up to date with the progress of previously supported projects with the opportunity to become a long term patron of those projects.

The design process for Pocket Change began with research into current models of donation and the gaps created by these systems. During this phase NGO business models, online donation platforms and recipient needs were mapped to assess opportunities for design intervention. In designing the app, several layout iterations were done using Sketch. The user experience and core interactions were testing and improved upon using Marvel and Invision.