The Concept

AlterScore is a speculative service within a near future Britain. In this potential future, immigrants are judged by their online activity for their social and cultural suitability of living in the UK. AlterScore is a service that helps these immigrants navigate the pitfalls of life in the UK.

Goal of this Project

The goal of this project is to interrogate the intersections of predictive algorithms, digital privacy and surveillance culture through a speculative scenario that hits close to home. It is my aim to provoke discussions around the power dynamics and biases encoded within predictive algorithms and the tensions they create with the individual right to privacy.

Scenario: The UK Integration Score

In this near future scenario, immigrants to the UK are obligated to provide access to their online accounts to enter and live in the country. Their online activities are monitored through these accounts and they are assigned a UK Integration Score (UKIS). Their UKIS determines their social and cultural suitability of living in the UK, and their right to access government services.

Visa application to the UK
Before immigrants can apply for a visa to the UK, they must provide access to their online accounts for assessment. They will be given a UK Integration Score which will determine whether or not they can continue with their visa application.

You can try this out for yourself by following this link.

A life of surveillance in the UK
Once an immigrant has moved to the UK, their online accounts will be constantly monitored to update their UKIS.

If the immigrant maintains a high score, they enjoy equal access to services as their British counterparts do, plus a fast track to permanent residence status. If they do not, their access to services are revoked and they may even be deported.

On arrival to the country, immigrants receive a UK Integration Score Factsheet that explains how this all works.

Click here to view Factsheet as PDF.



AlterScore is one of many services that emerge within this scenario. It aims its services at immigrants who have already moved to the UK and need help maintaining their UK Integration Score for continued access to government services. It promises to help immigrants take control of their digital lives using digital tools that help them meet UKIS criteria for good citizenship.

Service Artefacts

  • AlterScore advert: You can see the advert by watching the video in the right hand column of this page.
  • AlterScore brochure: Click here to view brochure as PDF.


  • Browser Companion product demo
    AlterScore provides a product demo of their cheapest product, the Browser Companion. It analyses customers’ browsing in real time and provides contextualised advice for how you can improve your score. You can try the Browser Companion by following this link.

AlterScore offers a range of products which help customers maintain or improve their UKIS. They can subscribe to these products for budget, standard or premium costs.

AlterScore’s services are legal only because the UKIS algorithms are kept secret from the public, and what they offer is “informed advice”. Their services undermine the integrity of the UKIS system, but do not subvert its inherent inequality.