Mori is a set of tools for everyday conversations about mortality between adults and children.

Like the question of where babies come from, questions about what happens when a person dies can leave adults at a loss for words. At some point, children will encounter the topic of death, be it through the news, books, movies, a pet or some other way. How might we turn these inevitable conversations into opportunities for life-affirming lessons where children can discover the value of life, gratitude, empathy and what it means to be a human being?

To make conversations about death more approachable, Toby at the Theatre is a story-making kit that adults can use with children between the ages of 7-9 to explore the theme of mortality through role playing and storytelling.

The kit contains a story book about a dead bird, which sets the scene for introducing the topic of death. Adults can then pick prompt cards on topics that they would like to explore with the child. The prompt cards contain questions that deal with the concept of death, emotions and gratitude. Children can make stories based on the prompts using the characters and scenes provided in the kit. The kit also comes with a guide for adults that has information on what to expect when talking to kids about death, some strategies and child-friendly explanations of death.

To complement the kit, adults can visit the Mori website for more resources. There is a FAQ by kids section as well as a community page where adults can ask questions or share tips on how to tackle more challenging situations.

With the necessary tools and support, Mori aims to normalise the topic of death, so that we can better support children and help them feel less alone when they experience loss.

More information on the process can be found here.