A private space to cherish memories with loved ones.

Today, our information, communication, photos, videos, music, messages have become largely invisible and immaterial. The digital space feels almost limitless, and yet we feel uncertain about the control and ownership of these digital goods. In the abundance of materials, we become distant from things that touch us deep down – memory, relationship, and former self.

How can technology help people preserve and cherish their memories?

Momento provides a secure place for all your cherished memories, and invites you to keep them alive through collaboration with friends and family. It encourages rich conversations with loved ones, and helps you to reflect upon your past and the people who were a part of it.

On the web platform, you can draw a constellation as a digital representation of the valuable time you have spent together with them. As you store photos, videos and notes in each star, the constellation glows and brings the memory alive. By sending an invitation, friends and family can also contribute their own stories from that time.

More about the process here.