A digital platform for raising gender awareness in the news

A lot has happened in terms of gender equality, but we’re not there yet. Gender stereotyping is an obstacle to the achievement of real gender equality. Putting gender in a box can lead to a narrower sense of ourselves, and of others. News is only a small contributor to this, but an influential one nonetheless.

For some it’s easy to notice, but for others it can be hard to see negative gender stereotypes in the news, they need to have it pointed out.

GNDR AWRE consists of two parts, a plug-in for highlighting and reporting negative gender stereotypes, and a platform where these are shared. Giving people the power to take more action in reporting harmful gender stereotypes and helping them create more awareness. And as well making the subject of gender stereotypes more approachable for people who don’t see them as easily by having these reports gathered on the GNDR AWRE website.