Carrier Pigeon

Carrier Pigeon is a platform for contextual storytelling at public spaces using spatial audio to navigate through story pieces in an engaging way.

How does it work?

Being at a public space with a phone and headphones people can choose from a range of channels, which are in the area. Once a channel is selected the person is guided to the first story pice through spatial audio. The person will hear a bird singing or any other to the story related sound in a particular direction, getting closer to the sound source the sound will increase and in a close range, the first part of the story will start playing.

The stories might incorporate the surrounding in a creative way, guide through local history or provide contextually relevant information. As such the platform is, in particular, relevant for stories, which incorporate the local surrounding or information which is tied to a particular location.


From a deep investigation of public spaces and the role, they play urban neighbourhoods various prototypes were created to alter the perception and role of public spaces. Most of them incorporated some way of augmenting the places with applications ranging from service level to storytelling to explore the potential of such a solution.

In addition to low-fi prototypes some higher fidelity prototypes where created using Unity, ARKit and Framer Studio.