Art Interaction Design

Art Interaction Design is a process that utilizes an artistic perspective to create new value for business innovation. Do drive innovation, many companies are introducing design processes in their business development process.
The design process works well for incremental innovation. However, some companies that want to create new values are struggling to develop innovative businesses with the design process. The reason is that the design process is designed for problem-solving. The seed of innovation sometimes comes from a creative question. Art Interaction Design was designed as a triple diamond process enhancing the existing design process by introducing the art of raising a question.

Triple Diamond Process

Design processes such as ‘Design Thinking’ uses a designer’s creative process and is often used for developing new business opportunities in a business context.
An established framework for design thinking is known as the ‘Double Diamond’ where the focus is on problem identification in the first diamond (“design the the right thing”) and problem solving in the second diamond (“designing the thing right”). The process is very powerful, but sometimes designers and businesses struggle to find innovative ideas using this approach with this perspective.
Art Interaction Design adds an additional diamond to the beginning of the process which focuses on exploring creative questions using an artistic perspective as the first diamond.
I developed some tools to explore how to facilitate the process and evaluated them in a number of workshops. As a result, I now have several examples of tools that can be used to shape Art Interaction Design.