Animo is a board game that gives children a safe space to talk about their feelings and emotions. Reflecting on and talking about their feelings and difficult topics in a playful way helps to improve their emotional intelligence.

What Is the Problem?

Once grown up, some of us may realize that they suffer from minor or even mayor issues. In many cases they stem from memories that have never been properly digested. They have never been expressed and talked about. Like a bad seed that was planted in our minds and has grown over the years.
What if we prevented this seed from growing in the first place? Especially children struggle to talk about their problems. They often feel like they failed or that they did something wrong. When children feel put on the spot they will shut down.

Being in the middle of split parents is a tall order. Having a meaningful conversation about their feelings and concerns can be hard as they often have a loyalty conflict. The desire to make it right for both parents puts a huge pressure on them. Because they love both parents they are sometimes reluctant to talk about personal topics and feelings as they don’t want to make either parent sad or be the source of a conflict. It is difficult for them to express their opinion if that meant they would have to take sides. They are afraid of being judged.

How Does Animo Solve This?

As mentioned before, when children feel put on the spot, this have a very hard time to talk about their feelings. Animo gamifies the facilitation of that communication. It’s the game which asks the questions, not the parent or care taker. Children accept this as part of the game logic and as a result feel less judged. Topics may come up which can be concerning. Animo doesn’t solve these problems, but it gives you a tool to find out about them. Because how can you solve a problem that you don’t know about?


Animo is an interactive board game for children that facilitates conversations between them and their parents or other care takers. It provides the children with a confined and safe space that makes it easier to reflect on and talk about feelings and difficult topics. It does that without giving them the feeling of being judged. It allows them to express themselves in a playful way.
It is a shared experience for families and school kids to make communicating their fears, their concerns but also their joy more seamless. It’s a communication tool that lets the players get to know each other better on an emotional level.

Animo is to be played by the children and their parent(s) or other caretakers.