ernie & bernie

In this project, we applied our learnings in physical computing to make an interactive object using Arduino and sensors.

The idea is based on how to make a pleasant interaction with an object and turn it to a personable home experience.

To make the interaction more emotional and relatable, two human-like robots were created named Ernie and Bernie.

Ernie and Bernie have opposite characters with different reactions to the same interaction. While Ernie reacts to petting with happy eye expressions, Bernie makes an unpleasant noise and annoyed eye expressions.

Besides using small LCD screens for the eye expressions, conductive fibre was used for hair and servos used to attach the head to the body. The LCD display and head movement can be changed when the fibre is rubbed. Sound is magnified through speakers placed behind the mouth.

Their physical appearance is the result of sketching different robot characters with elements of being cute and expressive. The chosen idea shows a cubic head with a small round mouth and a body (which is smaller than the head) with their names engraved on it.