Candy Graph

Candy Graph is a physical representation of a digital count – making tangible the scale of a count and its minute increments. Candy Graph’s physical form is inspired by the arcade candy machines of the early 2000’s. This juxtaposition of digital sensing and traditional mechanics highlights todays tension between physical and digital while making 2D data more interactive.

As the sensor on the interface detects someone walking by, the internal counter registers this motion and updates the count. Each increment sends a signal to the motor of the device to rotate a lever and release another piece of candy. As the count increases, the user is able to discern this change visually as the candy at the bottom of the chamber increases. This change is also auditory, causing a click sound to occur as the pieces drop through the chamber.

In creating Candy Graph, the team first experimented with utilising sensors to collect different types of information. The earliest exploration was a ultrasound sensor attached to the doorway of a busy entryway, recording the amount of people walking in and out of there room. This exploration led to subsequent experiments to physically experience this count. In constructing Candy Graph, parts were fabricated in wood and acrylic and interfaced with an Arduino and stepper motor.