Power Furnishings

Power dynamics in our everyday interactions can shape how we feel and act. Yet, our senses are not attuned to detect and decode power in our daily lives.

Power Furnishings is a set of three furniture pieces designed for the home and workplace that make power dynamics visible by inviting people to assume power poses while using them.

The Command Table is an unstable table that forces people to place both hands on the table to stabilise and use it.

The Authoritative Couch is a chair that only feels comfortable if the person sitting on the chair takes up more space.

The Supreme Table is a table with a tablecloth that functions as a foot blanket, inviting people to place their feet on the table as a display of power.

By interacting with these furniture pieces, people can physically sense and embody displays of power, bringing about space for reflection and conversation about power dynamics.

In the initial explorations on the topic, tools to challenge power in the form of sound were created. Experiments include voice delay using Processing and Arduino, and a voice-muffling scarf. To make the topic more accessible, a more playful approach was taken.