Grishma Rao

Country: India
Area of expertise: Interface Design, UI/UX Design, Writing, Illustration

Grishma Rao is a product designer, who specialises in creating functional and visually compelling mobile interfaces.

She co-founded and was the design lead for a mobile loyalty platform for small local businesses, which further expanded into the digital finance sector and now facilitates cashless payments, paperless billing, and easy bill-splitting for food and beverage establishments across India. During this time she became well acquainted with the rapid iterative process of designing a utility/product from scratch, as well as its associated business aspects.

She holds a degree in electrical engineering from the National Institute of Technology, where she held the position of Creative Head at the ACM student chapter and worked on a variety of international web and print design projects, and conducted digital design workshops. Prior to this, she studied a year of quantum mechanics.

She is interested in the convergence of design, music, neuroscience, and emerging technologies; an overlap of senses, and brain-computer interfacing and the infinite possibilities with augmented reality and wearables. At CIID, she looks forward to collaborating with and learning from students with an insane variety of skills, and being in an environment conducive to the creation of something revolutionary. What interests her most is the prospect of being actively involved in the architecture of the future, and discovering the best way for us, as human beings, to interact with it.

Music and literature are her other passions. She has published over 300 articles while working as a music journalist, won writing awards for short fiction pieces and founded several independent publications. She plays piano and guitar, makes ink illustrations, and spends an unhealthy amount of time reading (mostly) sci-fi, and can mostly be found near the sea.