EnlightenMe is a system of street lights that provides portable charging blocks for its users. Each light pole has a screen that is used to communicate with the people who are passing by. When you subscribe to the system you will get your own image and you become a part of the city landscape. The visuals will identify the charging poles in a visual and non-invasive way and will also draw attention to the work of unknown artists. The service has two basic touch points with its users. When in need of a charging block, the application can activate the charging pole that is nearby and will provide the quickest route to it. If, however, a smartphone is about to die and its owner isn’t aware of it, a charging pole will light up with the owner’s image to communicate the need for a charging block.

EnlightenMe focuses on intuitive use through the universal language of graphics. This will provide for a seamless interaction in a time of need and add a cultural, yet personal, touch to the streetscape.

This two week course on video prototyping was about communicating a concept in different stages of a design challenge. The use of Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi video prototypes makes it possible to get useful feedback even when it’s too early to have a working prototype. The design brief asked for a service that provided people of charging energy for their smart devices wherever and whenever.

The high fidelity video of EnlightenMe, follows a chain of lead users to gradually build up the information about the concept and show how the service fits into the life of different characters. Since the key interactions of the concept are with the charging poles, foam mock-ups and green screens were used to simulate these touchpoints.