Charged was a project exploration for a fictitious company whose aim was to build a service for people with a need to access energy on the go. As a part of the brief we were given freedom to design and develop a service in which way we wanted and with that in mind we came up with Charged.

Charged, as we designed it, is a company that lends inductive batteries in booths around cities, aiming their service at people on the go who can’t live without being connected through their mobile devices and those were the people we catered our solution for.

We went through a process of developing the concept, using video as a medium of experimentation and exploration. That being said, we took our concept from a low fidelity video, using paper prototype to showcase use cases and in our iteration phases, we developed it up to a high fidelity one. During that process we noticed flaws in our initial assumptions and through iteration tried to address them as much as possible, finally designing a service that is based on a shared model where people can use the batteries in booths placed around a city as well as share their own Charged batteries with other Charged users through an app.