Charged – Drone Service Exploration

Luuk Rombouts and Dario Loerke worked on a video prototype that was meant to depict how a charging service could be imagined for people who love the outdoors.

In partnership with the mountaineering association, Charged would use drones to provide adventurer with new battery packs where ever they are in remote terrain. A simple subscription model prior the trip supported by a smartphone app helps tracking every step and notifies the user when devices run low on energy during the hike. In case of emergency, the app is used to send current coordinates via GPS to the nearest drone hub. As long as the user holds position the drone will locate her/him without the help of any active device.

The main purpose of the course was to get familiar with video making and its various steps from storyboarding, location scouting, filming and editing. Both students were rather new to the field and challenged themselves to go off the beaten track with their idea.

Shooting outside challenged Luuk and Dario to constantly adjust the equipment to fast changing light conditions, trying to capture as stable moving images as possible in cold and contrary weather. Last but not least, flying a drone in heavy wind was imagined to be easier, which led to some editing trickery.