BIB·TV is a community led TV station that enables people from all backgrounds to tell their stories by providing the necessary training and tools to get their voices heard.

At the core of the service are workshops and content creation. Using workshops as gathering events, people may get together and share knowledge. The library is the central point of the service which provides equipment. The content produced for BIB·TV is published online on a dedicated YouTube channel as well as associated with the libraries online presence.

As a public service the library is able to provide services that may not otherwise be provided but that offer value to citizens. The station would compete for unallocated or development budgets that are available to the central library from the Kommune.

BIB·TV adds value by helping to build a new community around activities at the central library. It positions the library not simply as a place of books but as a place of stories in all relevant mediums, in this case directly enhancing the contribution of video which is an increasingly impactful form of storytelling.

Bibliotek Television is empowering people to not simply consume stories but to contribute and make their own, in the most relevant place.