Latinos for Spotify

Rapid Experience Prototyping class aimed to create concepts for Spotify users’ way of discovering, creating and sharing music during the course of four days. Each day was dedicated to a different context:


SportiVibe is developed to make any kind of outdoor sports activity more playful and motivating interacting with people through gestures. The SportiVibe headband has an embedded camera to capture predefined hand gestures such as  playlist exchange with other people,  song and volume change.


In this module the focus was to explore music sharing throughout bike riders in a city by SpotiDrops. Users are able to drop a song at a traffic light and take a new song dropped by somebody else.


Music enables people to remember any kind of information in a playful way. SpotiPen lets you to upload a text to your pen, with a selected base tune. The text converts into lyrics of a song and helps you to memorize a speech before a meeting.


Ultimately, the concept of SnoriWhistle evolved in the sleep context which simply transforms sleeping partners’ snore into a desired song through a whistle. The whistle is programmed by a timer. During the predefined time it would play the song that is requested and when it is time to wake up, it works as an alarm clock with a real whistle sound.