The Boogie Cup

The Boogie Cup is a party cup system that controls volume, and allows party-goers to follow each other on Spotify. Often at parties, the volume is too loud or too quiet, not reflective of the amount of guests. This system can predict the amount of people and adjust the volume accordingly.

The Boogie Cup Holder uses an infrared distance sensor to detect how many cups are in the stack. As guests take cups, the sensor detects a change in distance, and increases the volume at the party. The Genuino MKR1000 wifi chip connects the Boogie Cup to the Spotify API. When two guests pass by with similar playlists, their cups light up. When they cheers, a message is sent to a server that enables each user to follow each other on Spotify.

The Boogie Cup was inspired by the metaphor of a cup and string telephone, and encouraging new behaviors with ordinary objects. Future explorations would include a playlist voting function, and motion-activated playlists.

The Boogie Cup is the result of a 4 day exploration into Physical Computing. The emphasis was on process, ideation, trial and error, and making things work!