Valby Idrætspark’s Communication

The brief of the people-centered research class was provided by the municipality in charge of Valby Idrætspark. There had been a recent restructuring in the municipality in order to reduce staff on the park grounds. The team’s design challenge revolved around creating an autonomous troubleshooting loop process while maintaining a ‘human touch’. The challenge was addressed via 3 concept designs: an SMS service, an app and an analog solution to create location-based information systems. All three solutions came from the discovery that the feedback loop at the Valby Idrætspark made it difficult for individual members of the community to voice an opinion.

The SMS service is a skill-matching database that matches volunteers of the Valby Idrætspark with other community members who might be in need of help. This came from the desire to focus on the ‘human touch’ aspect of problem solving. For instance, if a volunteer leaving Valby Idrætspark after practice and realizes they have a flat, they can text the service a call for help to fix a flat tire, then someone with that skill set would be sent a text seeing if they would like to assist.

The app would have an interface that ‘drops’ feedback and tips at the desired location using GPS coordinates, for instance a ripped net at a specific soccer field. These bits of feedback would then transfer to a backend that the municipality can access in order to prioritize critical problems, consistently problem areas, as well as helping to design a workflow for a staff that handles the majority of public parks throughout Copenhagen.

The last solution was actually an analogue solution for the app, which meant providing location-based pamphlets and laminate cards that included frequently asked questions and who to contact for further troubleshooting issues.

See our final presentation: