Making Valby Idraetspark a welcoming space

This project was in collaboration with the Kobenhavn Kommune. The idea was to identify a design opportunity in Valby Idraetspark by conducting research within the park and outside of it. The team spoke with users of the park and analogous users from other sportsparks.

As a final research objective, how might we understand the perception of Valby idraetspark from existing and potential users to onboard new users.

In order to find answers to this question, the team visited several sporting facilities, including Valby Idraetspark, and conducted guerilla interviews by speaking to (analogous) users. Some of the locations visited were football grounds, indoor football areas, climbing & bouldering facilities, swimming pools and multi utility sport facilities.

Along with guerilla interviews, personal in-depth interviews with analogous users were also conducted. Different tools to help them identify aspects of the park that are most important to them, like cleanliness, noise and social interaction were used during the interviews.

Through this research there were some findings and insights. Some of the problems that came up were people not feeling welcome or feeling lost in a new space. They also seeked interaction between team mates and other people in a sports facility. So the opportunity identified was – ‘How might we provide users a welcoming environment through a clear understanding of the space for their personal needs?’ The key insight here was – A clear navigation and welcoming atmosphere provides users a feeling of comfort and engenders ease prior to activities and competitions, encouraging them to come back to the sports facility.

Some of the concepts to address the insights were:

  • Virtual Mascot Guide – An app that uses your phone camera to create an augmented reality using a guide, in the form of a mascot, to show and guide you around Valby Idraetspark.
  • Guide me with Colours – Using different ways to help people navigate within the facility and find their sporting area by creating intuitive directional walking paths backed by colored lighting giving different sporting areas an identity through the use of individual colours.
  • Meet and Greet An app/SMS service that helps new people connect with experienced users. When a person needs assistance at the entrance, he presses a button. Available experienced users around him/her are notified and can accept this request by volunteering to assist him/her.