Dynamics and relations between sports associations

After receiving a briefing from Valby Idrætspark’s new administration that showed a desire to change the perception of the sports park “from big to better”, the group decided that the direction of their research would be to “Understand the dynamics and relations between the sports associations and their influence on the users experience.”

The research process, that lasted approximately two weeks, took part mostly in the Valby Idrætspark facilities and counted with in-depth interviews that had support from collaborators and users with different levels of involvement withing the park space and also, quicker conversations ( guerilla research )with team players from different clubs inside the park.

The team used three different tools to conduct their research:
– A map of the Valby Idrætspark: With the intent to observe the relation the users had with the space of the park and see the areas they went the most and the least.
– An Emotional Graph: The interviewees were asked to describe their routine inside the park and later draw an emotional graph based in those activities, to comprehend the high and low points of the life inside the park.
– Relations map: To understand the perception of the network of users, interviewees were asked to place themselves in the center of an arrow and place the others surrounding them according to the level of proximity between people and associations inside the park.

All the material gathered in this research led the group to perceive insights and opportunities concerning the indraespark mostly on increasing the sense of community between different sports players and the necessity to create the sports culture in order to become inspiring for those who use the facilities. The team decided to create solutions based in on the following opportunity:

How might we design a more transparent environment in order to create inviting/inspiring user experiences across associations and build a collective culture?

This question led to the creation of three different concepts to be developed inside the park:

1. Open Warm-ups: The Valby Idrætspark counts with diverse sports clubs that share same warm-up procedures. The open warm ups are a possibility to make collective warm up sessions to provide a bigger interaction between users, encourage the use of different areas of the park and inspire users to try other sports, bringing different clubs together and building a collective sports culture inside the park.
2. Try-out Sessions: When becoming a member of the Valby Idrætspark the players have the opportunity to try different sports and build their own schedule to try different modalities until they discover their sports preference. This way is possible to encourage people to try different sports and have mobility withing the sports practice.
3. Transparent buildings: With the idea to transform the activities inside the Valby Idrætspark more visible, the team came up with the idea of projecting the activities that are happening inside the building on the facade of the respective constructions. This way is possible to inspire and encourage people to use different parts of the park and create a more appealing visual to the park.