Super Conductive Pants

The objective of this week’s ‘The Material of Electronics’ course was to gain a theoretical understanding of basic electronics and relevant applications. Starting with licking a battery, then activating a simple blinking light, the continuous experiments developed into more complex structures by adding flipflops and voltage regulators.

This new set of skills was then employed to prototype a game based on the use of conductive textiles. Throughout the explorative phase, ‘Super Conductive Pants’ evolved from a sailboat race to a zipline challenge.

The game consists of a conductive paper figure that slides over a rail, pushed by the wind power of a fan. This fan is activated by pushing a pad made of conductive textiles. Increasing the pressure will give the fan more power and make your paper figure go faster. The goal is to get the paper figure to the finish line before the competition.

Prototyping this game requires an iterative approach in which the game was divided into multiple smaller electronic interactions, such as the use of an LED and a 555 timer to communicate the winning player with sound, and a counter to prolong the activation of the LED.
Thanks to these features, there is no doubt about who is the true winner of the game.