IDP 2016 World Mapping

It was time to perpetuate the students of IDP 2016 on the mysterious world map down at the ground floor at CIID. The first basics learned in the one-week course “Materials of Electronics” taught by Ubi de Feo and Peter Otto Kuhberg were enough to build an oscillator applied to a lush web of wires that are connected to 24 LED’s – each student one light respectively.

The project was simply created and finalised for practicing purposes, sketching all necessary parts on a bread board and transferring it slowly onto a printed circuit board in endless soldering sessions using meters of wire.

Considered the first real work in the CIID lab, Dario worked on it alone. However, he could constantly enrich his knowledge through the help of his fellow students and the dedication of Ubi, who even came in on the weekend.