All three of us came into this class with no prior experience in analog electronics. In 48 hours, we managed to learn a lot.

We first started with simple experiments, like getting an LED to flash. Then we moved to a more challenging water level tester, that lights up LEDs and has an alarm when the container is about to overflow. The last experiment before our final project was an instrument that uses a laser and vibration into water in order to make sounds.

After these experiments, we came up with our final concept, which stemmed from the idea that we were looking to explore conductive materials.

The Connectivi-Tee is a set of T-Shirts that encourages human contact through hugging. Conductive materials are sewn to create the pocket, which closes the circuit when the two T-Shirts touch and human contact is made. The closing of the circuit allows electricity to run to two LED hearts attached to each user’s sleeve. The tighter you hug, the brighter the hearts!