People use multiple modes of transport throughout the day, especially when traveling with public transit. For example: People cycling to a train station in the morning, traveling by train and then a bus or cab to get to your final destination are no exception. Sharecycle aims to improve the experience of switching between modes of transport by giving people more access to bikes from anywhere in the city.

Sharecycle is the result of a one-week “introduction to Interaction Design” class. It is a lock that allows people to specify how long they are away from their bike from and give others – who also have the lock – free access to their bicycle, provided they return it before a specified time.

Bike share programs already exist, but they are centralized and as a result are limited to the bases that secure them in place. In this system, ideally, people would cycle to a bus or train station and leave their bike to be used by other people connected to the system. After their transit, they would then be able to grab another’s bike, instead of walking or taking a cab towards their actual destination.