Copenhagen’s ubiquitous cycling infrastructure has radically transformed the city. The citizens have developed an unofficial system of rules, and common culture around cycling, that can only be learned through observation and experience.

This could make integration into the system intimidating for a new user. The lack of communication and training around the rules of cycling in a city like CPH creates a steep learning curve, making new cyclists a danger, both for themselves and others around them.

Inspired by the metaphor of motherhood, and someone that shows you the world, BICI is a training guide that aims to integrate new bikers into the Copenhagen cycling system.

Audio is an essential part of the experience – allowing the biker to focus on the street, and trust BICI’s timely guided instructions.

Based on your GPS location, BICI creates specific routes for the biker. Members can follow other people’s routes and share their successes and results.

Gamification is used as a way to keep the user involved and make learning a more enjoyable experience. The incremental levels of the app takes the user through a series of tasks, such as finding directions, performing gestures, or experiencing city scenarios. Levels have to be completed in order to receive the ‘Expert’ title.

Once achieved, BICI works as a tour guide, unlocking unique information about parts of the city.