Airport Scouts

Many people have a hard time finding their way around a crowded airport, especially if it is their first time traveling to a location. While baggage claim and finding for transportation seem like trivial tasks, they become surprisingly hard in unfamiliar and stressful environments. Airport Scouts is a service which pairs first-time visitors to frequent travellers to help guide the newcomers through the overwhelming airport experience.

Introduction to Interaction Design’s objective was to explore opportunities to improve transportation through field research and rapid prototyping. Once the opportunities were found, the students were asked to come up with potential solutions.

Airport Scouts came from observing the metro ticket machines at the Copenhagen Airport. The findings revealed that people would rather wait in a long queue simply to speak an information guide instead of opting for the more time efficient machines.

The understanding that people preferred a human interaction when they find themselves in a stressful situation, despite a quicker solution, lead to the idea of passengers helping each other. While flyers are purchasing their online tickets, the website identifies who needs help and who has opted-in for guidance. The guide and the person in need will then receive an interactive badge before boarding. These badges light up when they get closer to each other, effectively becoming a beacon so that the paired passengers can easily find each other.