Winging it

The team set out to visualize in which city people live and how expensive it is to fly from one location to the other. ‘Winging it’ was created as an answer to the design brief where it asked the team to create a meaningful data visualization concerning the CIID Alumni of the last 10 years.

It is using your existing network of friends or colleagues to choose your ultimate vacation destination. You can choose between close friends or all acquaintances in your network and get a top 3 cheapest flights to your selected destinations.
Next to that you can find out the names of your acquaintances in every specific city and find out how many of them live in the same city.

The result of this was an interactive graph where the lines are connected between cities which have a fare lower than 300 dollars and the colors of these lines gave an indication of the price level.

By connecting with the Amadeus Flights API, the lowest fares of all the flight combinations between all the Alumni were retrieved to serve as the basis for the data visualization. This data was enriched by a provided database of all the Alumni information like name, location and graduation year.

The next steps in the development process include connecting with other groups within social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Slack. Another improvement will be adapting the thickness of the line to represent how close you are to a specific person.