Little Mermaid

As a first exercise for the Data Visualization class we went out to the street for an hour for observations. The goal was to choose something we could quantify and register it in any form we wanted to. Later we were to use that data to create some low-fi data visualizations and experiments.

Within the time-frame given, the team set out to a close-by location where we could observe human behavior. We decided to observe all the tourists taking photos at the little mermaid statue, recording as much data about them as possible. 

Among other things we recorded their photo compositions – where they were posing for the photos in relation to the statue – and their coat colors. We turned the visual data gathered into a spreadsheet that we could use as data input for the processing sketch we wanted to create. After a couple experiments using different parameters, we then decided to display this information over time, using a slider that you could drag and see the different photo compositions by order.

The exercise was great to experience not only the process of gathering different data sets, but also how to edit them and display them in a relevant way.