CIID celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The institute is made great by the people from all over the world who have been part of it.

What if we could find a way to show where they come from and places they influence?

‘Footprints’ is an interactive map used to display the movements of CIIDians through the years. Each dot represents a person, it also contains information about the person’s expertise and their current city. The timeline represents years and the grey dots indicate that a student hasn’t joined CIID yet. When we move through the timeline, more dots become coloured showing the connection with CIID. A “.csv” file, containing each information about every person, is called out in this process
The task where equally divide between the group so that everybody could improve his processing skills. There have been many challenges, like organising the data, create and use the ListArrays and the displaying of each labels.

Footprint is an easy to read representation of the influence of “CIIDians” around the world.