Kiin is a lifestyle app that helps people build authentic relationships and keep in touch with friends by reminding them in a playful and meaningful way.

The process started with user research on long distance communication that lead to insights such as:

  • Planning chats with friends and family in different timezones can be a pain
  • A busy life makes it difficult to keep in touch with the people you don’t see every day
  • Friendships can be lost overtime without sufficient contact
  • It can be hard to reconnect with someone you haven’t talked to in a while

On sign up, the user selects which services kiin will analyze to provide him with insights about his friends, and then chooses who he would like to be closer to.

Kiin monitors your communication behaviors with these contacts – daily routines and times, availability according to time of day, services used and interests.

It is not a messaging app: it works as a background activity in your phone, using other communication apps you already have to prompt you, aiming to to optimize your communications with those you selected.

The “cues” feature will prompt you about your friend’s activities, which makes for great conversation starters.

In the app the user is able to sort the contact list and visualize his interactions over time, such as who started the conversation and what kinds of prompts you responded to best.

Kiin helps its users build meaningful relationships, maintain strong bonds with friends & family and reconnect with those they may’ve lost touch with.