Volunteer Diaries

Volunteer tourism has become increasingly popular & the ‘voluntourism’ industry is now worth $173 Billion  (annually).  To deal with the increase in demand for volunteer jobs lots of redundant jobs are posted. For instance volunteers are asked to build a wall for children’s homes and once they leave the destination, the wall is broken down so that the next set of volunteers can build it again, this occurs over and over again. Thus leading to a false increase in the number of jobs available. There are also some serious negative effects – in countries such as Nepal, Myanmar & Cambodia 80% of children in the orphanages have 1 or more living parent. They are taken from their homes to serve the demand for ‘voluntourism’.

The issue arises when Volunteers are unaware  about the place they will be volunteering at. This is also the reason for volunteers feeling like they haven’t made a difference at their job. Volunteering abroad is not always bad. It can be beneficial to all those involved, if done right.

Volunteer Diaries helps want to be volunteers understand their future volunteering role. This can be done with the assistance of people who understand it best – Former volunteers.

Each volunteer job is posted as a digital ‘Diary’. The to be volunteers are chosen based on their skill sets and interests. Once at the organisation the volunteer posts images, videos and texts of the experience on the diary. Want to be volunteers can follow the diary and apply for one that interests them. Once the current volunteer returns from the organisation he can choose the ideal candidate to carry his diary forward and hand it over. In case the organisation is an unethical one he can flag it & help create awareness. This process continues, helping create transparency in the volunteering experience.