How much do you know about food? Do you know how far an ordinary apple had to travel and how old it is? It is stored on average for 11 months and had to travel 2500km to get to your plate. So what about fungi? Though much better, people don’t know what to make with it. We don’t realise how dependant we have gotten to our food: seasonality is out of our minds, produce permanence is its replacement.

Titlan is a platform which bridges the gap between the food production of urban farmers & its expanding community of customers, creating sustainability and overcoming the distribution system and monarchy of the supermarket. In the slow feedback loop of traditional agriculture, farmers guess the market request and produce surplus. Sequentially, people are unaware and demand every product everywhere, not thinking anymore about seasonality, locality and the product’s carbon footprint.

During the research, a discrepancy was found between what people want to eat based on ingredients and what they want to eat based on recipes and dishes. Based on this local recipes were chosen as the way to show the potential between the food that is available and how to communicate that to the consumer.

Titlan creates a double feedback loop: the customer receives knowledge about local food through recipes, while providing the system necessary data to predict eating habits and forecast cultivation for farmers accordingly. The system is providing a on request production for citizens, families and restaurants with zero food waste. A city, where every planted seed is named after its future consumer.

Partnered with SPACE10.


Check out the project at www.luuk.io