T.io is an exploratory toy created for pre-schoolers (4-7 y.o) that has the objective to empower kids through their knowledge bringing reflection and awareness about their surroundings and themselves.

The core technology of the toy is machine learning: T.io has general notions about the world but doesn’t know how things look like. So it counts with the kid’s help to find out about the world, prompting them with questions and asking for things to be shown. Through image recognition, the toy is able to learn about objects and drawings. The toy also has a set of logics related to each category of general knowledge, allowing the conversation between the kid and T.io to evolve. The more the kid teaches the toy, the smarter it becomes: making connections between the knowledge acquired and reacting according to the environment.

T.io grows with a unique perspective of the world: a reflection of the kid’s point of view. While teaching, kids feel empowered with their knowledge and this motivates them to keep exploring and learning more being more sensitive and creative towards the environment.

The main point of the project is to empower kids with the possibility of teaching something, making kids feeling confident and encouraged to explore in a moment of their lives when “showing and telling” is crucial. While teaching, kids listen to themselves, reflect on their knowledge and confirm their learnings.

The toy also has a companion app for parents, that records everything the kid teaches the toy. This way parents can follow up the kid’s interests and spark dialogue between the family surrounding the kid’s achievements and interests.