The project is dedicated to the people of Copenhagen, and can also be imagined to be adapted by any other European city interested in civic engagement and the distribution of open data.

This concept envisions a digital tool that negotiates space, permission, and interest between the government and its citizens. It is meant to decode the public sphere in a more transparent way by providing relevant information to people that actively intend to co-create the public realm.

The prototype aspires to be a web application using customised datasets to populate a traditional map of Copenhagen with case specific information such as categories for public space, contact details of administrative responsibilities, and dynamic data created by interest groups and other active event hosts.

The value is clear, what I try to develop in this project is an experimental approach on how to foster civic engagement through conventional web technologies and the raise of open data within cities. It is supposed to be used as a simple tool to revive neighbourhoods, promote bottom-up initiatives, and shape the socio-cultural realm down on the streets. At scale it can give entrepreneurs a starting point for any kind of endeavour.

Please see prototype & detailed documentation here: