Calliope is an educational storytelling toy for children that helps children to have a better understanding of language structures by creating their own stories. By doing so, it helps them make connections that in the long run make reading easier.

It is made out of two parts – wooden blocks and a digital platform. Blocks are there for kids to build whatever they want to build. Also, they promote imaginary play, which is an important way of developing focus and cognitive flexibility, both important executive functions.

Digital platform enables children to either create a story or reread a previous one they have created. Platform provides  prompts (like once upon a time, every single day,…) to help guide children through storytelling. Benefit of storytelling is that it helps children practice holding and manipulating information in their working memory. It also provides them with a sense of content and language structure. To import into the platform whatever they have created, children take a photo of their structure within the app.