Sask – Self Awareness Sensory Kit

Sask is a kit you can use to become more self aware and to see yourself from a different perspective, thus increasing your capacity for introspection. It contains an adventure for each of our main 5 senses.

1. The third eye (See)
Use this supercharged backpack and goggles to view yourself from a third person’s view. This helps you discover yourself in a new light and observe your body as it navigates through life in real time.

2. Microphone Pill (Hear)
This pill contains a microphone that allows you to hear your insides as it travels through your digestive system. It connects to your phone via bluetooth. The pillbox includes 4 pills to allow you to experience it multiple times. You can hear a recorded experiment here: link

3. Metamoi nº5 (Smell)
Scents affect states of mind, which can also be detected by other humans – even though the the conscious realization often isn’t made.
With this in mind the team created Metamoi nº5, a scent crate that comes with two different kits:

  • The first contains 5 pre-bottled scents (focus, relax, sexy, awake and confidence) to change your current state of mind. Just sniff the desired one and enjoy.
  • The second one contains 5 empty vials with a preparation of scent alcohol, collection tissues and labels, to help you collect the scents you want to project. You’ll need to enter the state of mind that you want to store, use the collection tissue to wipe your face and axilla area and then drop the collection tissue on one of the vials and wait for it to dissolve. After a while it ready and you can take it with you and sniff the desired scent before needing that state of mind.

4. Empafeel Bioport (Touch)
The Empafeel Bioport connects to your central nervous system, and can simulate sensations of touch throughout your body. In real time, this version replicates the sensation of the touches you perform on someone else, in the same place in your body. Use with caution – if you pinch someone you’ll also be pinching yourself!

5. Retaste Toothpaste (Taste)
The retaste toothpaste resets your tastebuds, allowing you to discover the flavour of all edibles as if for the first time. Just squeeze some paste on your toothbrush and brush your teeth – don’t forget your tongue. The effect is temporary and gradually wears off as you taste more flavours.